The Attach function can be used in conjunction with Stages to correspond with Candidates at different points in the Recruitment process.

Select Add to create an Attachment.

Enter a description to uniquely identify the Attachment, for example Send Employee Application Pack.

Select Next until you see the Place Details In screen.  This will be the CSV file that the system will create and add the candidate details to, for example c:tempapplication-packs.csv.

Select Next to see the Automatically Load Another Document screen.  In this field enter the name of the Word document that will form the basis of the mail merge, for example c:tempapplication-pack.doc.  This file will not exist at this point.

Select Next to go to the Select a Pre-Defined Query screen.  The query should include all the fields that will be required by the letter.  The query does not require criteria as this is supplied as part of the Attachment process.

Save a Close the Attachment screen.

To use the Attachment that you have created, select Attach…