Exporting A Query

Select the Export function available in Queries.


The form enables you to Add and Edit existing export definitions. Selecting Add will present the following screen.

The important element is Create File, which will be the name of the file to be created with the contents of the Query.

The file created will be in a CSV format, which is a generic format that can be opened in a number of ways.

For Example:

  1. Directly by Excel.
  2. Used as the data source for a mail merge in Word.
  3. As the source of an Organisation Chart in Visio.

In the above sample, Load File is the file which is going to be created.

Enter a Description. (Note: This is arbitrary and will be listed on the previous screen. It is only of relevant if a query has more than one export definition).

Click Finish.

In order to perform the creation of the designated file, click Attachment and select a file.

Click Finish.

If Excel is available, it will open for you once it is created.

If Excel is not available, you can navigate to the designated folder and copy it accordingly.