Important using the Authorisation Centre

1. Switch off Workflow


The Authorisation Centre asks you whether you wish to turn off Workflow Processing for the duration of the Authorisation update.

Only the data currently being imported will be unaffected by the Workflow Process.


2. Import your Data


System SetupAuthorisation Centre WorkbenchFunctions.

Click Standard Authorisation from the Source drop-down menu and.

Click the type of record or file you wish to update from the second drop-down menu.

Click the Proposed tab.

Click Import and click Browse to locate to data import csv file you have prepared.

Click Import.


3. Authorise and move the data into Live


You can view the data imported and check it is correct.

Select the Authorised tab.

When you have checked that the data is correct, select Swap All to ✔ Transfer for each record.

Click Update.

This will insert new records or amend existing records in the live data.


4. Failures


Sometimes data may fail to import.

If so, it will appear in the Workbench with a red cross in the second column and the reason for failure below.

You can Reject (delete) the record or Amend (correct) the record.


To Reject the record:

Transfer on each record to be deleted. On Authorise tab, click Reject.

To Amend the record:

Transfer on each record to be corrected. On Proposed tab, click Edit and make the changes required. Then Authorise.