Upgrade Instructions


Ensure all the Windows application users are logged out of the Windows application until the upgrade is complete on the client.

Ensure there are no instances of the Jane HR/windows application processes running in the background by looking in task manager.

If you are upgrading to version 2.20.0 (issued in March 2020) please ensure you first remove (un-install) the existing version of the Windows App before installing the new version.

For any version of the Windows App which is 2.20.00 or greater, you must first ensure that the .NET Framework V4 (or later) is installed on the computer. This is an integral element of most recent version of Windows

1. Download the latest HR software

The upgrade can be downloaded directly to each PC in turn or the installation can be downloaded to a directory on the first PC and then copied to subsequent PCs and installed by running setup.exe (as administrator) on each. Every PC running the software should be upgraded.

If the upgrade is provided as a zip file, please extract the content and then run setup.exe (ensure this is right clicked and run as administrator).

This is a standard software installation wizard and the questions presented should be answered accordingly.

If you are using our HR Portal, please be sure to upgrade the software on the machine that is running the Web Service.

2. Update the Database

Before the software can be run on any of the upgraded PCs, the database must be updated. This only needs to be performed once. It does not need to be repeated for every PC.

This can be achieved in one of two ways. Either log into the software using an Administrator level user, at which point you will be prompted to update the database immediately. Or, you can follow the steps below and update the database using the Environment Manager application.

Run the Environment Manager (as an Administrator) in the main software installation directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\…\System\jsconnection.exe

where “…” is the name of the folder where the Windows application files are stored.

Note that you will need your system password to access the Environment Manager.

Click the Create command button to update the tables in the database. This might take a short amount of time, depending on the size of the database. After this has finished, you will see the message Create Process Complete.

You are now ready to run the new version of the software.

Note that if you are given an error on running jsconnection.exe, you might need to update your version of the Connection Manager.

Updating HR Portal Web Parts (Sharepoint Portal)

It is assumed that the software has been updated on the SharePoint server as per the above instructions first.

The cab file update process will need to be completed on the SharePoint server.

Download the latest version.

Load up a Command Prompt as an Administrator.

Navigate to the SharePoint Hive folder:

cd Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions<HIVE_NO>bin

(Hive No for each SharePoint versions are: SharePoint 2013 is 15, SharePoint 2010 is 14, SharePoint 2007 is 12 and SharePoint 2003 is 60)

stsadm -o enumwppacks (list the current web part cab file installed)

stsadm -o deletewppack -name QLHRWebParts_<EXISTING_VERSION_NO>.cab

stsadm -o addwppack -globalinstall -filename pathtoQLHRWebParts_<NEW_VERSION_NO>.cab

Do an iisreset once the cab file has been successfully installed.