User Defined Data

The process is adding fields to HR Record, such as Employment History.


Defining the fields

The extra fields are defined through User Defined Data in System Setup Housekeeping.

Then use the following procedure:

  1. Click New.
  2. Select either the Personnel or Payroll module. This affects the entities that are available for selection.
  3. Select the required entity, to which you wish to add a user defined field.
  4. Enter a Description for the group.
  5. Enter whether you wish to have the items on a Solitary screen, or a Questionnaire type screen.
    – Solitary will present the fields on individual screens.
    – Questionnaire will present up to ten fields on a single screen.
  6. Click OK to store details.
  7. This will add the details to the main body.
  8. Highlight the required line from the main body.
  9. Click the Items tab.
  10. Click New.
  11. Enter the details to define each item to be displayed.
  12. Field Name – a code used by the system to define the field.
  13. Type – defines the format of the field from a predefined list.
  14. Default Value – to assign a value to the field if none entered.
  15. Description – the heading against which this field will display.
  16. Control – defines whether entry of this piece of data is MandatoryOptional or Warn.
  17. Field Length – defines the maximum length of the field.
  18. Cross Reference – if the data is to be validated against a system code table – only available if Type is set to Cross Reference.
  19. Or – if the data is to be validated against a user created code table – only available if Type is set to Cross Reference.
  20. Click OK and the field is added to the main body.
  21. Points 12. – 19. can be repeated to add new fields.
  22. Once all fields have been entered, click OK.


Using User Defined Fields

When in any screen to which a user defined field has been added, if the Custom Check Box is ticked, then when a data line is highlighted, the user defined fields will be shown and available for amendment.



These user defined fields will be available for interrogation within HR Queries.