To Apply A Leaving Date To A Group Of Existing Staff

  1. HR Query will need to be created to identify the employees to be updated. The only field that you will need to show in the grid is the Employee Number.
  2. Export the grid into Excel via drag and down or click Export and follow the process.
  3. Create a Header Line in the Excel file, to contain the required field headings. The possible fields are:
    a) Employee Number = emp_id
    b) Leaving Date = date_left
  4. Enter the required date into Leaving Date.
  5. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  6. Access Authorisation Centre.
  7. Set the table name to Amend Existing HR Records and click on the Proposal tab.
  8. Select Import.
  9. Click Browse to identify the spreadsheet saved in Point 5.
  10. Click Import.
  11. Click Close.
  12. The data will be displayed in the grid.
  13. Use Delete to remove any unwanted lines.
  14. Click Authorise.
  15. Either click Swap All, to set all lines to be processed, or click on Individual Lines that you wish to process.
  16. The selected lines will display a tick in Transfer.
  17. There is the option to now Update, to make this entry Live, or Reject, to Remove them from the Authorisation Centre.