Staff Development Training

Simple Code Maintenance

a) Appraisal Types

b) Appraisal Analysis (Note: Appraisals on code screen)

c) Achievements

d) Priorities

e) Staff Development Status

  1. P – Proposed
  2. C – Completed

f) Qualifier Methods

g) Training Providers

h) Training Types

i) Training Categories

j) Attributes (Note: Two extra fields)

k) Membership Types

l) Training Group

m) Requirement Analysis

n) Credentials

o) Membership Methods



Code Maintenance (Note: Other menus)

a) Line Managers (Note: Employment)



More Complex Code Maintenance

a) Training Course

  1. Diary Rules

b) Attendee Costs

  1. Gen Code
  2. Proposed Value



Employee Level

a) Appraisals

  • (Cm a), (SC a), (SC b)

b) Training Needs

  • (MCC a), (SC e), (CM a), (SC n)

c) Training Details

  • (SC i), (SC f), (MC a), (SC g), (EL b), (SC d)

d) Achievements

  • (SC d)

e) Qualifications

  • (SC n)

f) Attributes

  • (SC k)

g) Memberships

  • (SC p), (SC o)



Function Level

a) Needs Analysis

b) Training Events

  1. Need to set parameters
  2. Details
    i. Course
    ii. Type
    iii. Provider
    iv. Achievement
    v. Qualifier Method
    vi. Status
  3. Costs
    i. Cost (MC b)
    ii. Provider
  4. Attendees
    i. Employee
    ii. Status
    iii. Need
    iv. Qualifier Method
    v. Cost (MC b)
    vi. Ability to write letters

c) Budgets

  1. Need to set year on EventDetails or Parameters




a) Training Needs

b) Achievements

c) Appraisals

d) Memberships

f) Qualifications

g) Training Needs