1. System Setup > Housekeeping System Definitions – SIR tab.

a) HE or FE – Must be FE
b) Institute Identifier – Mandatory
c) Provider ID – HE only
d) Year – Start and End Date
e) Pro Rata – FTE – Tick box


2. SIR > Functions > Utilities

a) Create Default Coding Manual – can import a CSV file (Note: that we have), that will set up all the code tables (Note: English Composite 24).
b) Prepare Submission
i. Month (August)
ii. Year (2015)
iii. Survey Year (Not Required)
iv. CSV
v. File name


3. SIR DefinitionsGeneral Setup

a) Code Tables – can be manually adjusted


4. HR Record Credentials SIR

a) Enter details as SIR Manual


5. System Setup Authorisation Centre Work Bench

a) Table Name – SIR Record (FE)
b) To update existing records the import file need to have emp_id and seq_id.


6. HR Queries – table is called SIR