Salary Sacrifice

Create a new Payroll Code with the following settings:

Payment/Deduction = SAC User defined
Description = Salary Sacrifice User defined
Type of Code = Value  
Payment/Deduction = Deduction  
Payslip Description = Salary Sacrifice User defined
Input Prompt = Salary Sacrifice User defined
Update Pay = Ticked  
Tax = Ticked  
NI = Ticked  
Pension = Ticked User defined
Update Nominal = Ticked User defined



Then store the Payroll Code.


Then, against the employee, set up a Payment Line with the following details:

Type = Automatic
Code = SAC (or as defined above)
Then click Details    
Pensionable = Should be ticked
Default value = Monthly amount to sacrifice
Start period = First period for deduction
End period = Last period for deduction