Retirement Date Processing


Personnel > Definitions > Personal > Gender

In order for the process to utilise Retirement Bands that are identical for males and females, it will be necessary for you to create a Gender of for Both.


Personnel > Functions > Import Retirement Date Ranges

The first page of the wizard will ask if the current table is to be cleared down.

The second page take in the Name and Location of a previously created CSV file that holds the details of the various state pension age bands.

A copy of the latest file can be downloaded from this webpage:


Personnel > Definitions > Employment > Retirement Tables

This program will allow for the amendment of entries imported through the Import function or the creation of new entries.

The details required are:

  • Gender – if the range applies to Males and Females, then a gender of Both may be entered.
  • Start and End Date – the range of dates to which this rule applies.
  • Retirement Date – if an exact date is applicable to this range.
  • Retire In Months – if no exact date is applicable, then the number of months to retirement should be entered.


HR Record > HR Record > Personal Details

If the User tabs passed a blank Retirement Date, then the system will calculate the date from the data entered into the system.

Click Browse, next to the Retirement Date which will invoke a calculation routine.

The Retirement Age will be shown alongside the Retirement Date.