Housekeeping Definitions HR Parameters Students

Students allows the user to define the settings required for the transfer of Staff data to the software system.


Field Description
Update Student Administration This field is used to define if employee details are to be shared with the QLS system. If this box is ticked then any amendments or insertions to the QLP employee database are immediately applied to the QLS system.
Qualifying Criteria (Query) This parameter can be used to control the selection of those employee’s whose data is to be transferred to the QLS system from QLP. This field can be set to any previously created HR query that is based on the HR record and which is marked as ‘accessible by all’, then transfers to the QLS staff file will be governed by the selection criteria in this query.


Left Justify If this box is ticked any employee references that are transferred to the QLS system are left justified before the transfer takes place, this is required because in QLP the justification of the employee reference is user defined, whilst in QLS the employee reference is always left justified


Update Data Items These tick boxes define which pieces of data are transferred to the QLS system. If the box is ticked the data will be transferred. If the box is not ticked then the data will not be transferred.






Align QLS Staff FIle

The Align QLS Staff FIle function is provided for the batch updating of QLS with all the Staff data held within the QLxp system.

If it is not required to transfer all employee, then a HR Query can be created to define the employees to be transferred. The name of the query should be stored in Restriction Criteria Query in HR Parameters Personnel. This query will need to be based on the HR Record and include the employee number as one of its selected fields.

Click Run and confirm you wish to proceed.

The process will then update the QLS staff file as required.





Process Required To Switch The Link On


  1. Define which fields are to be transferred between QLP and QLS. Tick the relevant boxes in HR Parameters.
  2. Decide if the details are to be transferred for all staff, or if a HR Query should be defined to limit those to be transferred. If so, enter the query name to HR Parameter.
  3. Tick Left Justify in HR Parameters.
  4. Tick Update Student Administration.
  5. Run Align QLS Staff File to load the QLS system with the data currently held in QLP.
  6. Any changes make in the future to the selected fields (point 1), for selected employees (point 2) will transfer to QLS.