Produce CSV at End of Period

It is possible to specify that the End of Period process should create a CSV file, that will then be imported to the Users Finance System, (Note: software or third party).

It will be necessary to create a Transfer Template. This is create via Payroll Definitions > Module Setup Transfer Templates. The details required are as follows:

  1. Transfer Template Name – User Defined
  2. Description – User Defined
  3. Type – Pre-Defined
  4. Data – This field has no effect
  5. Function – PAYH0008
  6. Filename – This is the full path and file name of the CSV file that is to be created
  7. Invoke – Blank



In order to activate the change, it will be necessary to access the live Payroll Template via Payroll DefinitionsGeneral, and amend the field Export Template so that it refers to the template being created.


Then, when a Period End is run for the above Payroll Template, instead of the G/L being updated dynamically, a CSV file will be created which can be imported to another finance system.