Merging NI Details

Merging Employee’s NI Records

This utility is required where a site has multiple NI records (payempni) for an Employee/NI Category/Year combination.

(Note: This used to be caused by different parts of the software creating records with different settings in the payempni.ni_co field. No such issues in current software (or historically for quite some time), so any new occurrences of this problem tend to originate in data imports).


The method of correcting the problem is as follows:

  1. Option FRMEADM012 will need to be placed on the user’s menu.
  2. Load the option. A password of janesys207734 will be required.
  3. Enter the year to be processed, in box left of VAR.
  4. Highlight option Merge Payempni.
  5. Click Perform.
  6. Click OK to confirm you want to proceed.
  7. A progress bar will run until process is complete.



  1. This utility is manipulating importing data, so best to check.
  2. Good idea to run in a test company first.
  3. Do some queries on the data before and after running the process, to ensure that all fields are updated correctly. There are 12 numeric fields on the table – they should all be merged.
  4. If there is not a great deal of data, may be worth having a complete spreadsheet clear-out of data before running the process.
  5. Ensure a back-up has been taken before running, as failure part way through would be problematic.