Importing Salary Grade Details

1. Set up Salary Grades (Definitions > Personnel > Terms and Conditions > Salary Grade).

There are two options for updating this file.

  1. A file can be imported.
    – This file should not have a header line and detail lines should only contain the Salary Code in the first column, with it’s Description in the second.)
    – With this import, each entry will have to be edited in order to fill in at least some of the fields scale attached, use another scale, minimum scale point, maximum scale point, review date.
  2. Create Salary Grade records manually.


2. Import Salary Grade values (Personnel > Salary Functions Import Salary Grades).

The import file does not require a heading line and the detail lines will have four columns – Salary GradeSalary Point (Note: ensure leading zeros are retained), Scale Point Description (Note: optional, but columns must exist) and Value.

This process creates records – if they do not previously exist – on the pnlpoints table of Scale Point and Description and records on the pnlscale table of Scale Point, Value and Date. (Note: where date is default date from Salary Grade or Module Definitions).


3. Import Salary Grades can also be used to import future years values, in addition to the original system set up data.