Holiday Payments

A new facility has been provided which will allow for the generation of holiday payments based on payments that have been or are being made to employees.


Payroll Code Maintenance

Two new fields have been added to Controls in Payroll Code Maintenance:

  1. Holiday Pay  – if this box is ticked, then payments entered against this code will be considered as eligible for holiday payments. The default is for the box not to be ticked and therefore not eligible for holiday payments.
  2. Rate – this is an optional field which defines the payroll code which is to be used to make up the holiday payment. If no code is entered here, then a code can be entered when the Holiday Payment wizard is run.


Holiday Payment Wizard

This wizard is provided to automatically generate holiday payments based on past payments that have been made to employees on payroll codes that have been marked as eligible for holiday payments, between a given range of periods. The holiday payments may either be a percentage of the original payment, or at a rate set against the holiday payment payroll code.

The first page requests that the payroll template and only employees attached to this payroll will be considered for payment.

The second screen, requests the first period for which payments are to be interrogated. The period should be in the format YYYYMM.



The third screen, requests the last period for which payments are to be interrogated. The period should be in the format YYYYMM, and must be greater than or equal to the start period.

The fourth screen, requests an optional payroll code, which will be used to hold the payments in the employee’s working file. This payroll code is only used if no payroll code has been specified in the Holiday Rate field of the payment code eligible for holiday payments. A drop-down list of rate based payment codes is provided.

The fifth screen allows for the specification of whether the holiday payments are to be paid as a percentage of the original amount, or to paid at a pre-defined rate. If you select percentage then the value set in the rate box of Default of the holiday payment code will be used as a percentage. Otherwise, it will be used as a rate.

The sixth screen allows for the selection of a single employee. If this screen is left blank then all employees on the selected template will be processed. Otherwise just this single employee will be processed.

Click Finish. Confirm that you want to proceed and the following process will be carried out:

  • All payments in the working file that have been generated from previous runs of the holiday payment wizard will be deleted.
  • For each eligible payment made to employees of the selected template, a new entry will be make in the working file using the specified holiday payment code. The number of units will be taken from the original payment and the rate will be taken either as an actual rate or as a percentage from the holiday payment code.