Holiday Pay For Weekly Employees

Weekly Employee’s Holiday Pay Processing


QLP processing for giving employees multiple weeks pay in a single pay period, is processed at the employee level. The following steps are required:

  • HR Record Payroll Details Details Other Controls.
  • Set Holiday Pay Weeks to be the extra number of weeks to be paid.
    (i.e. 0 means pay as usual, 1 means pay an extra week).


  • HR Record Payroll Details Working File
  • The value to be paid to the employee will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • This process will invoke a calculation, which will take the tax, NI and pension deductions appropriate for the number of weeks being paid.
  • If you have non-statutory deductions to be taken, you will need to adjust them to allow for the multiple pay periods.


  • Payslips etc. can be processed as normal.


  • Period Ends can be run.
  • This will update the period number by 1 and set the holiday weeks for each employee back to zero.


  • If all employees on the payroll have been paid the extra weeks, then the period number can be advanced via Payroll Definitions General Payroll Templates.
  • Employee’s payments and deductions should be set back to their normal weekly amounts.


  • If it is still required to pay certain employees during the holiday period, then the payments and deductions for employees not to be paid should be removed as until such time as they are to be paid again.


  • Note: If the pay is advanced by more than 1 week, when the pay calculation is run for employees who are not being paid, in the second pay period they will generate a tax payment in week 1 and a tax rebate in week 2 that will balance out.