Display Lists

Using this option, it is possible to create a completely user defined menu structure under HR Record for a given user. If a user is given a tailored menu structure, then the standard menus are not available to that user.

The procedure to be used is as follows:

Within Housekeeping Definitions General, access Display Lists.

Make entries here for each menu heading that you are going to apply to users.

Within Housekeeping Definitions, access Function Display:

  1. From the left hand box, select the user for whom you are going to define a menu structure. (Note: if the user is not shown, then you are going to have to use the Application (HR) users screen to define them).
  2. The middle box will now show the available menu headings.
  3. Select the menu heading for which you wish to add or remove options for this user.
  4. The right hand box contains a list of the options that can be placed on this menu.
  5. Highlight an option in the right hand box and click Select to add an item to the menu.
  6. Highlight an option in the middle box and click Remove to remove an item from the menu.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Close.
  9. The selected user will now only have access to the options set above.



As part of the process of defining items to show on the users menus, all items not selected are set as unavailable to the user in Function Access. If it is decided to return a user from user defined menus to system default menus, then it will be necessary to go into Data Access and select each option to which the user is to have access to.