The screen allows you to display and maintain review dates that have been set againsdt an employee from within various options of the HR RecordReview Dates can be set by the use of the Diary button explained in the Standard Buttons.

The left hand pane of the screen is used to define the selection criteria for the diary dates to be shown in the grid in the right hand pane.


The Today field may be selected to display only diary entries for today’s date.
The This Week field may be selected to display diary entries for the current week. (Note: the week being define as Monday to Sunday).
The This Month field may be selected to display diary entries for the current month.

From and To dates may be entered to define the start and end date range for the selection criteria.
If the Today box is ticked, then the To date will default to today’s date.
If the This Week box is ticked, then the To date will default to next Sunday’s date.
If the This Month box is ticked then the To date will default to the end of the current month.


A diary item has a status of either Open or Closed and selecting the respective button will display the relevant diary entry. All will show both Open and Closed diary items.



Either the current employees or All Employees will be displayed in conjunction with the Dates and Status selection criteria.



Selecting Search will result in a grid being drawn of the diary entries that meet the selection criteria defined in the DatesStatus and For fields.



Details will display the original record that was entered for the selected diary item, at the same time the diary item was created.



Close will return you to the HR Records menu.



Notes will display any text that you have entered for the original record on the selected diary item. The note text can be amended.



Diary will display details of the highlighted entry.


The Review Date shows the date on which the diary entry should be completed and the Status holds the current status of the diary event. The Status can be amended.


The Update field allows you to choose what further action can be applied to the diary item. The HR Diary only will display the diary item in the Diary option.
The E-mail message will send a message containing the diary item details to each employee who has the QLP User and Email Address fields defined on the Equal Opportunities section of Personal Details.
The Outlook – Microcompass will update the current users Microsoft Outlook Task list with the diary item details.
The Outlook – Shared Calendar will update the Microsoft Outlook Task list of the shared calendar defined in Personnel in HR Parameters.


HR Card

The employee’s HR Card is displayed.