Diary Rules


(Notes in italic are not in latest manual but are being done now).

Rules can be defined for the following purposes.

To create entries in the diary system for an employee’s critical dates, based on data held on the employee’s record and values entered via this screen.

To define the time span for the creation of Induction and Refresher Training Needs.

To define time delays used in the processing of Workflows.



To create a new Diary Rule, click New and enter the following details:


This is an internally allocated reference, which is used to identify the query when referenced within the HR Query module.


This field is used to give the Diary Rule a meaningful description when viewed in the various modules where the Rule is accessed.

Use As Starting Date

This field is used to define which employee date is to be used as the base date within the calculation of the date to be updated within the Diary system. The dates available are Birth DateEmployment Start DateLeaving DateProbation End DateRetirement Date and Service Start DateIf the Rule is to be used in the Workflow, HR Queries or Training Needs modules, then the date should be set to Event Date (Workflow).

Add On

This field is used to define the number of units (i.e. days, weeks, months or years) that are to be added to the base date to generate the date that is to be used when this Rule is invoked.


This field defines the units to which the numeric value entered into Add On applied. The options available being days, weeks, months or years. The three fields Starting DateAdd On and Units are combined to generate a date.

X Days Before 

This is an optional field that allows the user to specify that they do not wish to be notified of the impending critical date a given number of days before the date of the event.

Hold Until 

This is an optional field that allows the user to specify that they do not wish to be notified of the critical date until a given month. This could be used in a situation where you are monitoring am employee reaching 5 years service and this entitled to an extra days holiday, but do not wish to be notified until September when the new years holidays are being processed.



If the Rule has been created to update the Diary System, once the record has been saved, the Revise option can be used to create Diary entries for the data currently held in the system. Entries for new employees, or changed dates, will be created as the data is entered to the system.