Creating A CSV File Of Claims Data

The CSV file is created by running the same process you use for printing the Claims themselves.

The feature is only available via the QLX system and not through the old Uniface system.
(Note: As of the moment you still have the Uniface program defined in the Claims print area of Sessional Contract Parameters, you will need to blank out that field in order to run this process and then reinstate the field to print your claims via Uniface).

The problem you have been experiencing with trying to reprint claims will be resolved in the next release of the software, which is due early in the new year.

To produce the CSV file, run claims in QLX as you have been doing to test out the new Claims print. When you reach Report confirmation, choose value Hereford CSV from options available for Report .


This will then produce a report of the details. You can print the report if you wish, but can also create a CSV file of the data. Next to the printer icon, click on the envelope icon.


You will be asked for a format. Select Separated Values (CSV) and leave Destination as Disk File. Click OK.

You will then be asked what character to use to separate fields and what delimiter to use – you can just click OK to this screen.

You will then be asked for formatting details for numbers and dates – you can just click OK to this screen.


You will then need to define the name and location for the CSV file.


The file will then be created.