Capitalise Names and Addresses

This process will tidy up the SurnameForename and KnownAs fields on pnlempmst and the associated address details on admadres.

You will need to add FRMEADM017 (Uniface Launcher) to the menus if not already there.

Run the above process with process name = PAYI0006 (Note: it is an ‘i’ not a ‘one’).

Click Finish to run the process in the QL Scheduler.

If Wait Until Finished was ticked, then a bar will go across the screen until the process is finished. Otherwise, control is given back to the user and the progress can be checked via the standard QL Scheduler option.


In SP3

Run as above, but do not tick Wait Until Finished. (Note: sometimes the scheduler says that process has failed, when thought to have run).

In Uniface 9

There is currently no available process.