Building General Ledger Codes

To use the build facility, the following needs to be set up.

When entering the nominal code against the payment code:

a. Set Analysis Type to Build

b. The Gen Code can contain asterisks (or dashes) against certain levels of the code to signify that the value to be used at that level is to be taken either from the payment category/payment code gen split, or the employee/payment code gen split

(Note: The gen code still needs to be of the correct number of levels)

c. There is currently a problem with the program in that it tries to validate the nominal code on entry to this form and will display an Account Does Not Exist Error if an account containing asterisks is encountered (Note: this message can be ignored).


nominal code must then be entered against either the payment category/payment code or against the employee/payment code. The code entered here must be a complete valid gen code or you will not be able to store it. (Note: the code entered here when taken in combination with the code entered against the payment code itself, must generate a valid gen code or the resulting posting will go to the suspense account).


It is not possible to enter a gen code at payroll entry stage against a pay code that has been flagged as type Build.


Assuming 4 level gen code, with 9.99.99. — set as the suspense account


Payment code

Category/code Employee/code Gen code generated
A 3.11.90     9.99.99.–
C 3.11.90.–     3.11.90.—
D 3.11.90.*   9.99.99.–
E 3.11.90.*
F *.11.90.44
G *.01.01.*
H *.01.01.*
I *.01.01.*


a. Invalid code – so posts to suspense account
b. Valid code – no coding at lower level so uses code entered
c. Valid code – no coding at lower level so uses code entered
d. Combination of payment code and category/payment code is invalid – so posting goes to suspense account
e. Levels 1, 2 and 3 taken from payment code, level 4 from category code
f. Levels 2, 3 and 4 taken from payment code, level 1 from category code
g. Levels 2 and 3 taken from payment code, levels 1 and 4 from category code
h. Levels 2 and 3 taken from payment code, levels 1 and 3 from employee
i. Levels 2 and 3 taken from payment code, levels 1 and 4 from employee – category coding is ignored.