Average Pay Calculation

1.  The user enters the Expected Date of Confinement.

2. The program converts this to the Sunday starting the week.

3. The program calculate the qualifying week as being 15 weeks prior to the Expected       Week of Confinement.

4. The program can also calculate the date 26 weeks before the qualifying week, to           ensure the employee has been employed long enough to qualify for SMP, and give a     warning if not.

5. The last pay date prior to the qualify week is obtained.

6. A date 8 weeks prior to this last pay date is calculated.

7. The last pay date before this calculated date is obtained.

8. The gross pays for the employee on dates between the date obtained in 7                   (Note: not including this date) and the date obtained in 5 (Note: included), are             accumulated.

9. The number of months covered by the dates from and 7 are calculated to the               nearest round figure.

10. Average Monthly Pay is calculated as the gross from point 8 divided by the                 months from point 9.

11. Average Weekly Pay is calculated as the Average Monthly Pay from point 10              multiplied by 12 and divided by 52.

12. The program should give a warning if the Average Weekly Pay is below the NI               lower earnings limit.