Automated Salary Adjustments

This process can be used where a trigger is needed, to remind the users that an employee us due a salary increase on a particular date, perhaps due to the employee having being originally denied the increase due to the presence of a bar date.

HR Record – Employment History

There are two new fields in HR Record Employment Terms:

  1. Planned Change – this is a date field to hold the date at which it is planned that the employee should have the salary change. (Note: in many cases this field will be used in conjunction with the preceding fields Bar Date.
  2. Type of Change – this field is to be selected from a drop-down list of available options, and is used as a default to the Salary Update process, called by the Suggested Salary Change process.
    The available options are IncrementScale Point, or the field can be left blank.


Suggested Salary Changes

This is a new option in Personnel > Salary Functions >

This screen will show all entries that have a Planned Change date, prior to the review date entered. The Review Date is initially defaulted to today’s date – to use a different date, enter the new date and click Review.

Highlighting an entry and clicking Edit, will take you into the relevant Employment History screen, where any necessary adjustments may be made.

Highlighting an entry and clicking Action, will call up the Salary Update process for the selected employee. The details on the initial screen of the Salary Update process (e.g. whether an increment is to be applied), will have been defaulted in from information on the employment history, but may be changed by clicking Back.

The Salary Update process can then be run as per usual, and once it has run that particular entry will be removed from the display.