Auto Allocate Training Needs to Events



In Staff Development Definitions > Training Course > Rules, two new fields called Auto Assign and Assign Based On have been added.

The Auto Assign checkbox signifies that the auto allocate process is to be available on events for this course. The Assign Based On field, define a diary rule that specifies the lead time required between a need being entered and an event for this course being run for the allocation process to take place.

In HR Record Credentials Training Needs, when a training need is entered to the system a check is made against the training course to see if auto allocate has been set against that course.

If the Auto Allocate checkbox is switched on, then a check is made on events for that course. The system will look for an event that fits the following criteria:

  • Its Start Date must be after the date on which the need is entered, modified by the Diary Rule set against the training course.
  • Its Start Date must be before the Due By Date.
  • The attendee limit for the event must not be exceeded.

If these checks are met, the employee is placed on the event and the Training Need record updated to be On Event and the Event number assigned to the need record.



This change has been made in line with customer requirements.