Access Settings in the System

Work Group


All software users are assigned a login name and password. Each user is then assigned to any number of work groups (Note: one of which being defined as their default work group).

Via Desktop Maintenance, the areas of the system that members of a given work group can access are defined. (Note: apart from the options within the HR Record – see below).

These details can be reported on via Desktop Presentation and Work Group Company Access, found in Financials Reporting System Reports.


HR Record


If a user’s work group allows them access to the HR Record, then the user’s access to options within HR Record are controlled by Function Access in Housekeeping Definitions.

This option can be used to define whether a user has full, enquiry only or no access to a particular option within HR Record. This access is defined at individual user level.


Data Item Access


This ability exists to restrict the access that users have to individual fields within the system. It is carried out via Data Item Access found in Housekeeping Definitions.

It can be used to define whether a user has fullenquiry only or no access to a particular field. The access is defined at individual user level.

Application (HR) Users


This allows the users role within the system to be defined. However, the role does not affect the user’s ability to access the system. (Note: this is set in the options defined above).

The access levels here mainly define the level at which these users can import data in the Authorisation Centre.

Data imported by users defined as No HR Access and Propose Only, will need to be authorised twice, while data imported by Authorised and Administrative users, will only be authorised once.

Users defined as Administrative, will be allowed to maintain certain high risk data items, such as P14 end of year data, NI values and salary history details.