Process the year end for 2011-12

Before you run the year end:

  1. Check your software version number. When you enter your user ID and password to log in to Jane HR, the version number is displayed in the title bar of the Application Login window. It should be version 2.3 or later. If you are running an earlier version, you must upgrade your software before you process the year end.
  2. Secure a backup for each payroll template.

Run the period end / year end process:

  1. Click Payroll > Functions > Period End Process. The Period End wizard is displayed and the current period is shown. Click the Run button. If you are in the final period of the year, a message informs you that an end-of-year process will also be performed. Click Yesto confirm, and the year end processing is automatically carried out in addition to the usual period end.

Before you process any payroll for the new year:

  1. Check the period end dates in the payroll templates have been correctly created for the new tax year. Click Payroll > Module Setup > Template. Select the template and click Edit. Click the Period End Dates tab. Check the period end dates of the last period of the old and new tax year are correct, because these describe the start and end of the new tax year.
  2. Click the Periods tab and check the general ledger integration periods correctly cross-refer to the new payroll periods. 

  3. Update the legislative information. You can either import the parameters or enter the new values by editing the appropriate fields in the Module Definitions window and the Template window.

    IMPORTANT: You must  check all the legislative parameters before you process any payroll for the new year. Refer to HMRC Rates and Thresholds for Employers for further information.

    NI categories F,G, and S are no longer valid for 2012-13. You can check for employees on these categories by using the Queries tool to create a query, by selecting the fields Employee Reference, Known As, and NI Category, and by using the criterion One Of These to filter NI Category (so the filter is set to NI Category Is One Of These F,G,S).

  4. Update the employee tax codes. The emergency tax code for 2012-13 is 810L. To change all employees with tax code 747L to 810L, click Payroll > Functions > Global Tax Code Update and adjust payroll code L by 63. Refer to Global Tax Code Update for more information.

    To change an individual employee’s tax code, click HR Record > Payroll Details > Details and edit their PAYE and tax details on the NI & PAYE tab. Refer to NI & PAYE for more information.

    To import P9 information from the government gateway, click Payroll > Functions > Government Gateway Imports. Refer to Government Gateway Imports for more information.

  5. Click Payroll > Functions > Reset Week/Month 1 Flag to reset the week/month 1 flag for all employees. D0 and NT tax codes carried forward should be operated on a cumulative basis, so you will need to clear their Period 1 Flag check box (week/month 1). Refer to Reset Week/Month 1 Flag for more information.

P14 / P35 return:

HMRC must receive your P14/P35 internet return by 19th May 2012.

  1. Before you create the return, check the tax district, tax reference and company details are recorded correctly in the system parameters. The tax reference should be in the format — 123/1234567, so that it includes the tax district number. Click Payroll > Module Setup > Module Definitions and edit the Tax District and Tax Reference fields on the References tab.

  2. Create and submit the P14/P35 Return. Refer to Create and submit P14/P35 annual return 2011-12 for full details.

Produce P60s:

You must give your employees P60s by 31st May 2012.

  1. By the 31st May 2012, you must give a P60 to every employee who is working for you on 5th April 2012. You do not need to give them to employees who have left before the 5th April 2012.

    NOTE: Before you process any P60s, ensure the correct year ending date is set in the Year Ending field on the Gateway tab of the Module Definitions window (Payroll > Module Setup > Module Definitions > Gateway).

    Refer to Year End Returns for more details. If you do not have the latest P60 report layouts, you can download them from our website. Click here to download them.